Bits of Blue Taffeta

In Bits of Blue Taffeta: Remembering the Forgotten Generation, author Irene Aldrich brings readers a first-person account of growing up during the Great Depression and her experiences during World War II and in the years following. 
Throughout those tumultuous years, she and many others of her generation were still able to find joy in the midst of seemingly insurmountable obstacles--being exposed to poverty, deprivation, hunger, and discrimination and the accounts of some of the most heinous crimes against humanity imaginable. Despite these difficulties, however, she also witnessed incredible unity among members of the community and a level of patriotism that became unparalleled in history. 
Children were forced to grow up quickly as they encountered these rapid changes to their prior life experiences. After realizing the many changes in the world that were occurring at the time, she began to write her personal account as one member of that “forgotten” generation--with the hope that those born in later generations will gain further appreciation for the advantages and opportunities they’ve been privileged to have.

In just a few sentences author Irene Aldrich vividly and immediately places the reader in south Texas during the summer of 1932 as she and her Daddy pick up the family's first puppy. That scene leads into a book that is hard to put down. - Paul Greenway


Irene Aldrich, a second-generation German-American, lives in Austin, Texas, and is a retired editor and researcher. She graduated from The University of Texas in Austin with an honors degree in English and, after several internships, was hired as an editor for the book publishing division of the State Bar of Texas. She retired early in 1993 to continue freelance editing for major academic and legal publishers and is a current member of the Writers’ League of Texas.


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